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Dr.-Eng, Adi Novriansyah, MT

Assistant Professor

Riwayat Pendidikan
  • Sarjana (ST) - Teknik Perminyakan Universitas Islam Riau
  • Magister (MT) - Teknik Perminyakan Institut Teknologi Bandung
  • Doktor (Dr.-Eng) - Petroleum and Natural Gas Development, Sejong University, South Korea
Bidang Keahlian

Renewable Energy, Drilling

Riwayat Publikasi
  • A Novriansyah, W Bae, C Park, AK Permadi, S Sri Riswati. 2020. Ketone solvent to reduce the minimum miscibility pressure for CO2 flooding at the south Sumatra basin, Indonesia. Processes 8 (3), 360.
  • A Novriansyah, W Bae, C Park, AK Permadi, S Sri Riswati. 2020. Optimal design of alkaline–surfactant–polymer flooding under low salinity environment. Polymers 12 (3), 626.
  • I Khalid Novrianti, A Nadia, A Novriansyah. 2020. Utilization of Durian Skin Waste For Retarding Slurry Thickening Time in Oilwell Cementing: Experimental Study. Solid State Technology 63 (1s), 1405-1409.
  • SS Riswati, W Bae, C Park, AK Permadi, A Novriansyah. 2020. Nonionic Surfactant to Enhance the Performances of Alkaline–Surfactant–Polymer Flooding with a Low Salinity Constraint. Applied Sciences 10 (11), 3752.
  • Muslim Abdurrahman, Asep Kurnia Permadi, Wisup Bae, Shabrina Sri Riswati, Rochvi Agus Dewantoro, Ivan Efriza, Adi Novriansyah. 2019. Effect on the of Swelling CO2-Oil Factor Contact and Time Viscosity of Paraffinic Oil at Reservoir Temperature. Advances in Petroleum Engineering and Petroleum Geochemistry: Proceedings of the 1st Springer Conference of the Arabian Journal of Geosciences (CAJG-1), Tunisia 2018
  • DZ Abdeli, W Bae, AB Seiden, A Novriansyah. 2019. Development Of Effective Technology Of Deep Water Treatment From Suspended Solid Particles For Formation Pressure Maintenance At The Oil Fields. Journal of Mechanical Engineering Research & Developments (JMERD) 42 (3), 24-29.
  • A Novriansyah, U Mursyidah, SS Putri, SS Riswati. 2018. Effect of silica-palm shell carbon composite additive in enhancing the strength of the concrete in the oil-well cementing job. IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering 348 (1), 012012
  • A Novriansyah, SS Riswati, W Bae, I Khalid. 2018. Predicting Geothermal Reserves of Sorik-Marapi Field through Monte-Carlo Simulation Study. 2nd International Conference on Green Energy and Applications (ICGEA), 5-9